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Believers Three members of a modern-day Japanese cult who are taking part in a "deserted island" program in which they must work together to purify and refine their spiritual essence and transform themselves in...
Believers is a Drama manga created by Yamamoto Naoki,read the latest chapters of Believers online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Vol.2 Chapter 22 : Exodus From Babylon On A Boat

Update:2022-06-18 04:43:52


《Believers 》Latest chapter

Vol.2 Chapter 22 : Exodus From Babylon On A Boat
Vol.2 Chapter 21 : New Men
Vol.2 Chapter 20 : The Land Of Comfort
Vol.2 Chapter 19 : Wonderful News
Vol.2 Chapter 18 : New Chairman
Vol.2 Chapter 17 : Happy Times
Vol.2 Chapter 16 : Dismissal Of Chairman
Vol.2 Chapter 15 : Mutilation
Vol.2 Chapter 14 : Inquisition
Vol.2 Chapter 13 : Reenactment Drama
Vol.2 Chapter 12 : Physical Ejection
Vol.1 Chapter 11 : Emergency Motion
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