Billion Princess

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Billion Princess Bai Yao’s father is the owner of one of the largest media companies in Asia. She is rich, beautiful and popular, and is considered a modern-day princess. Even though Bai Yao is being railroaded into a...
Billion Princess is a Drama manga created by Yu Jia Yan,read the latest chapters of Billion Princess online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Vol.3 Chapter 20 : Shaken Will

Update:2022-06-14 16:39:29


《Billion Princess 》Latest chapter

Vol.3 Chapter 20 : Shaken Will
Vol.3 Chapter 20.1 : [Side Story] Angelical Forest -Fated Destiny-
Vol.3 Chapter 20.2 : [Special] 6: Tien S Wish 7: A Huge Misunderstanding
Vol.3 Chapter 19 : Shen S Feelings
Vol.3 Chapter 18 : Challenge To Each Other
Vol.3 Chapter 17 : Individual Resolution
Vol.3 Chapter 16 : Change Of Heart
Vol.2 Chapter 14.5 : [Special] 3: Natural Arch-Enemy / 4: Personal Male Assistant?! /...
Vol.3 Chapter 15 : Habits Difficult To Change
Vol.2 Chapter 14 : Strength Of Friendship
Vol.3 Chapter Omake : Tien S Feelings [End]
Vol.3 Chapter Extra : Angelical Forest -Fated Destiny-
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