The Ultimate Devil King

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The Ultimate Devil King Xiao Lang was a young man blessed with a powerful Mystic Soul, but others failed to see its potential. Ridiculed and persecuted for his ""useless"" Soul, he had no ...
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Latest chapter:Chapter 188: I Need To Finish Eating First

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《The Ultimate Devil King 》Latest chapter

Chapter 188: I Need To Finish Eating First
Chapter 187: I’Ve Come To Take You Home!
Chapter 186: Pure Humiliation!
Chapter 183: The Sacred Yin Body
Chapter 182: Damaged Dantian!
Chapter 181: Backup Has Arrived
Chapter 180: A Fight To The Death!
Chapter 179: No Way Out!
Chapter 178: Led By The Purple Vine
Chapter 177: For Hongdou, Xiao Dao, And Aunty
Chapter 176: Jing Li's Assassination!
Chapter 175: Will You Be Satisfied If I Cut Off My Meridians
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《The Ultimate Devil King 》all chapters

Chapter 1: An Even Playing Field
Chapter 2: Playing The Fool
Chapter 3: Xiao Lang, The Lone Wolf
Chapter 4: Misfired Temptation
Chapter 5: An Unexpected New Teacher
Chapter 6: Cultivating A Soul Warrior
Chapter 7: Don’T You Dare Lay A Hand On My Family
Chapter 8: Causing Trouble
Chapter 9: Time For Battle
Chapter 10: He Belongs To Me!
Chapter 11: The Secret Of The Xiao Clan
Chapter 12: Put It All Behind Us
Chapter 13: Her Again!
Chapter 14: That Was Liu Ya‘S Voice
Chapter 15: Conspiracy
Chapter 16: Confronting Young Master Phoenix
Chapter 17: Kill Anyone Who Gets In Our Way!
Chapter 18: Think You Can Kill Me? Not If I Kill You First!
Chapter 19: Who Dares To Lay A Finger On Her!
Chapter 20: Clear Skies After The Storm
Chapter 21: Master Xiao Has Arrived
Chapter 22: Let The Tournament Begin!
Chapter 23: A Calculated Assault
Chapter 24: Trapped By Snakes
Chapter 25: Who's The Culprit?
Chapter 26: A Makeshift Weapon
Chapter 27: The Secret Uncovered!
Chapter 28: The Depths Of Mount Xumi
Chapter 29: The Abyssal Pit
Chapter 30: We'll Die Together
Chapter 31: Help Has Arrived
Chapter 32: Life Or Death?
Chapter 33: Dying Along With Xiao Lang
Chapter 34: Who Can Rescue Xiao Lang?
Chapter 35: The Fury Of The King
Chapter 36: Ill Tidings
Chapter 37: Anyone That Hurts Him Will Be Executed
Chapter 38: Come Find Me In Hell!
Chapter 39: Dead Or Alive
Chapter 40: What Kind Of Grass Is This!
Chapter 41: Fleeing From Destiny
Chapter 42: Fight For Your Life
Chapter 43: One Woman Against Ten Thousand
Chapter 44: My Brother Can't Die!
Chapter 45: Now, You're Facing Me!
Chapter 46: The Bloody Devil Blade
Chapter 47: Slaughter Ruthlessly
Chapter 48: The Pit Is Empty And Xiao Lang Is Missing?
Chapter 49: A Surprise Foe
Chapter 50: Playing With Tentacles!
Chapter 51: Put Your Acting Skills To The Test
Chapter 52: Time For You To Die, Xiao Lang!
Chapter 53: Trifled With The Wrong Man
Chapter 54: Military Assistance
Chapter 55: The Show Is About To Begin!
Chapter 56: A Battle Between Clans, Only One Survivor
Chapter 57: Cut Off The Snake's Head
Chapter 58: Game Over!
Chapter 59: Show No Mercy!
Chapter 60: The Madman Has To Follow His Orders!
Chapter 61: Come To Me
Chapter 62: Like Father, Like Son
Chapter 63: The Forbidden Night
Chapter 64: A Dynasty Most Glorious
Chapter 65: Three Generations Reunited
Chapter 66: I_Ll Always Support Him
Chapter 67: They Can Try Me!
Chapter 68: The Storm Gathers
Chapter 69: True Love Or True Foe
Chapter 70: Unmatched Beauty
Chapter 71: Young Master Zuo Ming's Games
Chapter 72: Qingdi's Death
Chapter 73: The God Of War, Dugu Xing
Chapter 74: The Hunting Competition
Chapter 75: An Invitation From The Princess
Chapter 76: A Fine Beginning!
Chapter 77: A Herd Of Spirit Beasts
Chapter 78: Young Master Zuo Ji Again
Chapter 79: Killing Him Would Be Meaningless
Chapter 80: Finishing Ahead Of Schedule
Chapter 81: Fighting An Armored Lizard
Chapter 82: A Nighttime Invitation
Chapter 83: An Extraordinary Display
Chapter 84: Qingdi's Murderer!
Chapter 85: Refinement Training At The Martial Hall!
Chapter 86: Phenomenal Strength
Chapter 87: Combat Training, Two Against One!
Chapter 88: Invited To A Banquet
Chapter 89: Surprise!
Chapter 90: Taunted By The Young Lady Of The Zuo Clan
Chapter 91: My Apologies, Poet Li And Poet Du!
Chapter 92: Spread Through The Capital Like Wildfire
Chapter 93: A Visit From The Princess
Chapter 94: The Soul Festival Commences
Chapter 95: The Soul Awakening Failed
Chapter 96: Dongfang Hongdou's Confession
Chapter 97: Soul Cultivation Becomes Three Times Faster!
Chapter 98: An Elemental Soul
Chapter 99: Nothing But Cowards!
Chapter 100: The Incredible Abilites Of The Purple Vine!
Chapter 101: I_Ll Head Over Myself
Chapter 102: The Twisted Plans Of The Zuo Clan
Chapter 103: The Immortal Xiao Has Passed On To The Next World!
Chapter 104: All This Over A Woman!
Chapter 105: Assassins Have Arrived!
Chapter 106: Anyone Who Insults Grandpa Has To Die!
Chapter 107: Make Another Move And The Girl Loses Her Head
Chapter 108: I Have To Go Back!
Chapter 109: If Anyone Tries To Stop Me, I Won’T Be Merciful
Chapter 110: You're Gonna Die, Xiao Qingbao!
Chapter 111: Death Isn’T Going To Be That Smooth For You!
Chapter 112: Didn’T Expect It Would Be You In The End!
Chapter 113: Anybody Hurts You, I’Ll Exterminate Their Clan!
Chapter 114: Friends For All Time
Chapter 115: The Extraordinary Hell Leaf!
Chapter 116: Part Of A Map And A Potion Bottle
Chapter 117: The Humble Master Of The Yin Clan
Chapter 118: Choosing Xiao Dao To Be The Junior Clan Master!
Chapter 119: Treating Xiao Qingyi
Chapter 120: A Girl Equal To Any Man
Chapter 121: The Bossy Taskmaster
Chapter 122: This Is What It Takes To Be A Military Scout
Chapter 123: Hongdou And The Princess Are In Northern Xinjiang
Chapter 124: No One_S Going To Get In My Way!
Chapter 125: Are You Not Ready
Chapter 126: Longya Fei'er Shocks The Audience!
Chapter 127: An Assassin In The Night
Chapter 128: A Battle Of New Blood!
Chapter 129: The Red Guards' Secret Weapon
Chapter 130: You’Re Starting To Grow On Me!
Chapter 131: The Fall Of The Zhan Dynasty’S Frontline Army!
Chapter 132: Slay Them, Purple Vine!
Chapter 133: A Failed Sneak Attack On The Zhan Dynasty!
Chapter 134: Preparing Something Special Just For Him!
Chapter 135: An Unexpected Victory
Chapter 136: I Just Came Up With A Fun Idea!
Chapter 137: Accompanied By Princess Zishan
Chapter 138: What Is Your Connection To Zuo Jian
Chapter 139: Who Dared To Lay Their Hands On My Daughter!
Chapter 140: A Little Something For You!
Chapter 141: Stay Safe!
Chapter 142: Cutting Off The Head Of The Snake!
Chapter 143: I Brought A Prize Back With Me
Chapter 144: A Private Evening With The Princess
Chapter 145: I Wouldnt Ask For Something Unreasonable
Chapter 146: A Warrior King One More Down!
Chapter 147: Calling For Help
Chapter 148: A Reunion With Hongdou!
Chapter 149: A Battle Between Three Women
Chapter 150: Xiao Dao's Mystic Soul!
Chapter 151: I Got Myself Into A Real Mess This Time!
Chapter 152: Unfathomable Power!
Chapter 153: Tension In Northern Xinjiang
Chapter 154: What Are You Doing Here, Lu Ming!
Chapter 155: Demonic Spirit Refinement And The Mystic Slash
Chapter 156: The Zuo Clan's Hunting Party
Chapter 157: Nobody Will Save You!
Chapter 158: Abducting Zuo Xi, The Crown Princess!
Chapter 159: Only Five Years Left To Live!
Chapter 160: The War Has Begun!
Chapter 161: Our Reinforcements Have Arrived
Chapter 163: The Blood Barbarians Will Be Trapped!
Chapter 164: Xiao Lang… Please Take Care Of Qinyi
Chapter 165: Yun Feiyang, The Elite War Emperor!
Chapter 166: What Do You Have To Say To That!
Chapter 167: I, Xiao Lang, Am Abandoning My Country!
Chapter 168: Don’T Forget I Am To Be Your Wife
Chapter 169: The Master Of The Soul Pavilion Has Arrived!
Chapter 170: Will You Withdraw Your Forces, Yun Feiyang
Chapter 171: The Seventh Princess And The First Prince
Chapter 172: The Purple Vine’S Second Soul Attack Skill
Chapter 173: Winning Over Xue Hongri
Chapter 174: First The Son And Then The Father
Chapter 175: Will You Be Satisfied If I Cut Off My Meridians
Chapter 176: Jing Li's Assassination!
Chapter 177: For Hongdou, Xiao Dao, And Aunty
Chapter 178: Led By The Purple Vine
Chapter 179: No Way Out!
Chapter 180: A Fight To The Death!
Chapter 181: Backup Has Arrived
Chapter 182: Damaged Dantian!
Chapter 183: The Sacred Yin Body
Chapter 186: Pure Humiliation!
Chapter 187: I’Ve Come To Take You Home!
Chapter 188: I Need To Finish Eating First