Argonavis From Bang Dream! Comics

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Argonavis From Bang Dream! Comics Ren Nanaboshi, a lonely college student who continues to aim for "that person" that he saw live when he was young. One day, when he was singing alone at karaoke, he was scouted by a band - the band ac...
Argonavis From Bang Dream! Comics is a Manhua manga created by Mori Nobuhiro,read the latest chapters of Argonavis From Bang Dream! Comics online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Chapter 14 : Starting Line

Update:2022-05-28 20:38:48


《Argonavis From Bang Dream! Comics 》Latest chapter

Chapter 14 : Starting Line
Chapter 13 : Beyond The Storm
Chapter 11.5 : Special Chapter Part 2
Chapter 12 : Like A Storm
Chapter 11 : Starting Over
Chapter 9.5 : Special Volume
Chapter 10 : Meteor Shower
Chapter 9 : The Ordinary Man Falls On His Knees Before The King
Chapter 8 : The Crimson Star At The Peak
Chapter 7 : One Small Step Is A Great Step
Chapter 6 : Our Departure
Chapter 5 : Ominous Beat
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