Toubou Kyuukou

Shinohara Chie 71 Views Ongoing 逃亡急行 ; Escape Express ; Tobo Kyuko Facebook Twitter

Toubou Kyuukou Content in the tankoubon: 「逃亡急行」 - Toubou Kyuukou (Escape Express) (published in Petit comic, 05-07/2003) Magazine reporter Natsumi comes across the scene of a murder and is captured by the youth who ...
Toubou Kyuukou is a Mystery manga created by Shinohara Chie,read the latest chapters of Toubou Kyuukou online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Chapter 3: 72 Hours At The Gallows

Update:2022-05-22 11:45:32


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Chapter 3: 72 Hours At The Gallows
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