"Kaiya Tatsumi" wrote "7" novels:


Nikutai Kankei (Kaiya Tatsumi)

Author:Kaiya Tatsumi
Synopsis:Collection of oneshots. 1) Physical Attraction When I met the cool stud Narusawa at college I said half-jokingly, "Screw me next!" Before the day was out, he had. Our relationship was supposed to be j

Lens Goshi No Binetsu

Author:Kaiya Tatsumi
Synopsis:By day, Takeo is the president of an up-and-coming IT company. But by night, he's a total otaku. The problem is, for the past 17 years, he's been desperately in love with someone - the self-centered F

Party (Kaiya Tatsumi)

Author:Kaiya Tatsumi
Synopsis:Be careful what you ask for in life, you just might get it! Mamoru and Natsu are now dating after a long courtship. But just because they're finally together doesn't mean they can live happily ever af

Love Tore

Author:Kaiya Tatsumi
Synopsis:Kouji's mother has just remarried, and as a result, he has a brand new father and two unbelievably beautiful twin brothers. In order to get to know his new family better, Kouji transfers to the same p

Bewilderment - Life In Glasses

Author:Kaiya Tatsumi
Update:Chapter 0
Synopsis:Just as the bedroom action is getting hot, Eiki receives a phone call and leaves. So what else can Senri do but question the meaning of the relationship. Are they really lovers or does Eiki only love

Baby Maybe

Author:Kaiya Tatsumi
Synopsis:From Bushido Angel Adventures "Oh God... I want to be happily in love...!" Shiba-chan, who was dumped by someone he really liked, is invited to a matchmaking party by a friend. There

6Th Megane

Author:Kaiya Tatsumi
Synopsis:Chuunri is in a predicament - his newest boyfriend doesn't seem to be interested in being intimate, so he goes to his previous boyfriend for advice. Of course, a little jealousy never hurts to get som